1988 | 2023

The 80s. Wave, Dark-Wave-Bat-Cave-Post-Punk. From Vienna we brought our songs into the world, became famous and were forgotten again, blown away in all directions and yet remained connected. All our music and all our creations since then carried the DNA, the information and emotion of the nucleus „A Wedding Anniversary“. And we still believe in it. Maybe we are still crazy, but we decided to re-release our old songs. Some will be remixed, some will be remastered, some will be re-recorded and we might even manage to record new songs. We believe that this world needs to take a step back from where we are and what we’ve become to rediscover the feeling and solidarity of the 80s. If you want to join us, this is the right place and you are very welcome.

The first part of our vinyl collector’s box will be released on Record Store Day, 15.04.2023. All albums included in the box will be released individually and will be limited to 333 pieces each. So let’s start with the first part: „The Monks Of The Isis“. Available in all good shops and of course at Delicious Releases.